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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Newton Running Shoe Line!

Besides an odd trail run/hike shoe, Newton makes a line of 4 basic levels, with two models of each level. The difference between the two shoes at each level is weather you chose the neutral model or the "S" stability model that just has a slightly firmer medial foam on the inside of the shoe to reduce pronation. Now, if you run properly in the shoe, there is not much room for pronation, so I don't see a huge difference between the two.
The best initial transition shoe is the Sir Isaac. This shoe has a 5mm delt drop and a more rounded heal to make the transition to proper running form easier. Although a tad heavy, especially in the front half of the shoe, they are a good basic shoe for transitioning and for base building.
The next level shoe is the Gravity. It is lighter, has a 3mm delt drop, and is a great shoe for tempo running and long intervals. This is my favorite newton shoe.
I have been selling a lot of crap in the last month on ebay and have a few hundreds of pay pal bucks to spend on some new running stuff. I got a new half price pair of "distance" shoes yesterday. I was due a shorter interval day today and used them. I did a short pyramid of intervals in them; some in dirt and some on bike trail, and they were very fast and light. This is the lightest level of newton that I can safely run in. They have a 2mm drop and weigh around 8 oz. in a size 9.5.
This shoe is an ultralight 5.8 oz. zero drop racing flat that is way way way too light for my 6'3" 180 lb. muscular frame. Terry could have raced in these in the day, and I could have in my 30's when I was 164 lbs. and could fly through a 5K in under 18 minutes. Not sure terry could run in these now, or should even try. Anyway, what I like about these shoes is that the sole has a 5 lug system vs. the four lug system on all the others. I wish that Newton would come up with the distance in a 5 lug system. That would be the perfect shoe for a guy like me who is a forefoot striker who tends to move more to the outside of the sole when landing while running faster. Anyway, weather has been great for the last month, but due to change over the next three weeks as three fronts move thru. Lets hope we avoid that damn snow for the rest of the year!

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