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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Got Two Gifts In The Mail Today!

Got two very different gifts in the mail today. The first was Deb's consolidated bill from her fusion surgery. Now the list price on this puppy was $320,000 (yes ernie, you have to have a medicare supplement!). Between medicare and humana, the total was cut down to $120,000 and we got deb's final co-payment bill of $603. My hands were a bit shaky when I got the bill from the mailbox, cause I thought it would be a few thousand, so I considered this to be a real gift.
The other gift came from our friends Kwon and is a late birthday gift for the two of us. It is a Sonos play 3 wireless hifi player. Now what you do is connect this bridge box to your wireless router, and then you can put this player anywhere in your house or outside that your wireless signal can reach. It took me a good while to load the software and set it up, but once done, it is pretty awesome. I used it today to listen to pandora radio, one of my favorites, as well as some progressive radio stations. You can also list your entire music library from your windows media player (which I did), and that music is also available to you. So, anyway, a good day and a step closer to the year of the dragon!

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