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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Four Good Newton Run Week!

Got four good runs in this week for a total of 36 Kilometers; An 11k, 9K, and two 8K' with 10 bye .3K repetitions, and the other with 3 bye 1K repeats. Since my goal limit is 40K per week (see Ernie!), if i can do it in 4 runs per week I will, otherwise I will add a short recovery day to reach that goal. That will be a week bye week decision. I like having two days to do exercycle sprints and weight work, and a day to just let my body rot.
I will have two intensity workouts each week in the new year. 5 bye 1K at as close to 5K race pace as possible, and 10 bye something short at mile race pace to work on speed and turnover. Add a long run of hopefully 13K to that with the last 2 or 3K picked up some, and a training schedule you will have. That will be the plan for trying to 5K race....

Made one of deb's favorites today....a huge vat of my world renowned spaghetti and meatballs. Considering how large it is, and how little we both eat at this age, it should last many days and even become a frozen left over for later use!

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