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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Weather Has Broken!

After an early frigid January, the weather finally broke over this past weekend. We hit 63 on saturday and 65 on sunday. Now my bud ernie says you shouldn't go out and run unless the weather is at least as warm as your age, so in his case, that is almost 62 degrees! He would be safe this week. It is supposed to reach the 70's over the weekend, and then stay warm until the following weekend where we are supposed to cool down again and have rain.
Yesterday and today I got the scoot ready for spring bye charging the battery, inflating the tires, changing the oil, and cleaning the plug. Then I took it out for a nice hour ride today to blow it all out. It seems to be running dandy.
The back is remaining uncooperative even in the warmer weather. I will give it two more easy weeks, and if it doesn't come around, take my 257th break from running to see if it clears up. Detox just to retox.......

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