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Friday, January 18, 2013

Why I Need A Rocket Launcher For Self Defense!

This is a new century people, and you need new ways to protect yourself. Now these gun crazies that are coming to get you are wearing body armor and carrying military weapons with clips that carry over 60 rounds. How are you supposed to protect your home and your family against folks like this? You need a rocket launcher! Now I hear what you're saying......Tom, this seems a bit extreme! Now when people discharge high capacity automatic military weapons in populated areas, there is a spectacular risk that innocent people can be killed, so logic would dictate that such weapons aren't a reasonable means of self protection, since the argument that the weapon must be capable of differentiating between the attacker and the innocent is not possible with an automatic weapon. So, if these weapons are allowed to be sold for self protection, then I should be able to utilize a rocket or grenade launcher to protect myself form these folks. And if they get rocket launchers, well, I guess my only recourse would be a nuclear device......

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