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Friday, March 22, 2013

I AM Magoo!

got my new contacts and I can certainly see better than I did before. My left eye is dandy, and my right eye is sorta along for the ride. My correction on the left eye is 6.5, and my right is 12. Now with my left eye closed, I can no longer see the world with full clear vision. I found out from the eye doc that once you pass 10, you no longer can correct that eye for 20/20 vision. At 12, the best it will correct is 20/60. So I started researching solutions and there aren't really any. No one will do lasik surgery beyond a 10 correction, because there is not enough cornea available to reshape. And inserting a lens into the eye is not a realistic option for someone over 60. So I guess I will be one eyed willie if or until the left eye gets to that place, and then I will have to find a dog that can drive......
Weather remains mid 70's and lunatic winds. This year the winds actually started just about when they were supposed to. Hopefully, they will last the average of three weeks and be gone. My bride managed to crash and fall on her way to the bathroom about a month ago, and hurt her shoulder. She was wearing these stupid browns slinky pants, and they fell to her ankles and then she crashed. Her shoulder is no better, so we see the doc on monday, and he will probably refer her for xrays....I asked her to not do one thing after her back surgery, and that was to fall. But, hell, she never listens to me. So her shoulder and my back are making us both cranky. So the year of the snake isn't going that well, so now I will start planning for the year of the horse...

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