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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Obese People At Walmart Are More Dangerous Than You Might Think!

On my way home from the gym today, deb asked me to stop at walmart and get a dozen items or so for us, and some items to donate to the shelter at their annual fund raiser tonight. I got into the parking lot, and it looked like a demolition derby had taken place. There was crime scene tape everywhere, guys were putting chemicals on gasoline spills, and there were cop cars and ambulances everywhere. I found a couple who had witnessed it, and they said this fat guy in overalls was choking and passed out in his truck and as he was going down, stepped on the gas and turned the lanes in front of the store into a nascar event. I saw two people loaded into ambulances, and finally the big fat guy in his overalls getting loaded in. He looked totally dandy. The impact probably dislodged the big mac from his, the next time you are in a walmart parking lot, please keep your eyes open. I will head back in an hour or so, when they reopen the store and get my shopping done. The manager said that the staff were going about unloading everyone's partially shopped carts and putting everything back. There should be some damn pissy folks there. I will make sure I get my milk and creamer from the back......

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TerribleTerry said...

If you had posted this on facebook. I guarantee you would have received at least one response indicating that if someone in the crowd would have had a gun it would have helped the situation.