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Saturday, April 6, 2013

My New Modem Tried To Kill Me!

Over the last few weeks, our modem started going up and down constantly. I contacted Century Link, described what was happening, and after a bit of research on their part, they said my six year old modem was bad. Now this modem was free when we signed up, but to replace it, we had to buy one for two hundred bucks (one year warranty), or lease one for 7 bucks a month, with replacement any time it goes bad. I chose to rent (add another 7 bucks to my bundled charges!). So, on thursday, it arrived from the UPS man, and I began the process of hooking it up. I was crawling around on the floor under the TV cabinet, behind the TV cabinet, and back and forth to my laptop sitting on the floor next to me. I was just about finished, and was turning from the modem to my laptop, when one of those darn tendons, muscles, or ligaments in my lower back pulled, and I found myself lying on the floor in a fetal position. I have done this and virtually everything else possible to this shitty old spine over the last 40 years, but these damn things sure are miserable. Usually incapacitate you for a good week or two. You often hear about lower back strain in baseball players, and you wonder why they go on the 15 day DL. Cause it is freakin' miserable, and you are in pain moving in any damn position. So we will see how many weeks I miss, and I will get to restart again for the 387th time. Detox just to retox. This is the picture of the actual modem. I have hooked up both laptops, both ipads, the roku box, and the Sonos music player. All that is left is the wireless printer, but I am just in too damn much pain to worry about that now. Will do that sometime next week.

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