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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Heat Begins!

The early summer heat has arrived. It was 90 degrees today, and is supposed to stay in the low 90's for the next three days before retreating into the high 80's. The national weather service is calling for a very hot and dry summer here, and another one of those dustbowls for the american bread basket.......can you say $20 corn flakes?
Ran 6 days last week cause I was afraid to try my back at the gym. covered 43K total. The day I missed was a lab test and doctor visit in Silver City to try and find out what is going on in debs abdomen and intestinal tract. We will probably be going back to the doc the week after next and she will get the results from her shoulder mri, her mamogram, her blood and stool tests, and her abdominal CT scan. Here's hoping it is all fibro minor. I will get a script for an $850 mri of my lower lumbar, and since they only schedule those on tuesdays, try and get it done in may. Back just isn't improving. Hope I can squeeze out another discectomy vs a damn fusion. We shall see.
Ran 4 times this week with three visits back to the gym. Limited myself at the gym to exercising on machines that I could press my back into. Worked out o.k.....Today's 5 mile run in the heat with no breeze was a drag. Ran in these brooks pure cadence 2's which are one of two shoes I alternate with the regular Newton rotation. So I guess that is all I've got to say for now......

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