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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fear The Church AND The State!

I am a Panthiest at heart....I believe that God is an energy that exists in all living things. I feel the closest to God when I am running or hiking in a natural enviroment, and I feel the farthest away when I hear about drones killing innocent people. I do believe that the greatest majority of all forms of large scale violence and war are caused by the nation and/or the church. The history of the world is a mixture of ethnic or religious cleansing, or state sponsored assaults on others in an attempt to obtain or protect resources that state needs, or some mixture of the two. The most dangerous of all are when the church and state combine to create a religious rationalization for a state's destruction of others. We make much about Iran as one of the world's most dangerous church states, yet we fail to see similarities occurring right here at home.
America is no longer a democracy. This can be clearly exhibited with the failure to pass a simple background check law. Over 90% of americans support enhancements in background checks, yet the NRA lobby was able to scare enough senators with their lobbying money to vote against the clear wishes of their voting populace. We live in a corporatocracy, where the need of major corporations in key segments of the economy make our food, air and water dangerous, impoverish our populace, take away access to medical care and a secure retirement, and render our collective voice meaningless. You add to that the fact that a number of states are discussing legitimizing state religions. A poll of americans recently found that 69% (yes, 2 out of 3) want christianity as the countries national religion. National religion? What will that mean to anyone who is not christian? So you can see, it would not be hard to imagine a christian nation state controlled by a few large corporations eliminating the freedoms of anyone not supportive of their agenda......would that be that different than Iran?.....onward christian soldiers!

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TerribleTerry said...

was having a discussion the other day about Budhism. How religions throughout history that were peaceful generally can only exist on the fringes or classified as philosophies or someone will push them out.