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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And Then The Sun Eats You!

While spinning on the exercycle at the gym today, got a chance to watch the weather channel. Vegas, Phoenix, and Tuscon all hit record high temps today, and that heat wave hits us tomorrow and friday, getting us up to a record 108. Tomorrow is a run day, so I will add another fifteen minutes or so and go out around 7:45. That will result in about a half hour or running in the dark with my little flashlight, but it is what it is. Even with the heat, got out 5 times last week with a long of 10K with the highest mileage of the year at 43K. Got in 10K tuesday, but will keep it to 8K on thursday, saturday, and sunday. The long term forecast shows that we will continue the pattern of getting weather conditions one month early, and will start july in the low 90's with afternoon showers possible almost every day. Other than the heat, don't feel either great or bad running, and am hoping that things continue to improve into the fall, and that I can try to move up to that weekly goal of 40K weeks with some limited intensities. As always, we shall see.
Expect that they will call tomorrow to tell me Suzi's ashes and death certificates are available, and then I can send Paul the ashes so he can add them to his collection and talk to them all while he is sucking vodka on his deck. Will need to send one of the death certificates to the Social Security Administration to stop her Social Security, and two of them to her two small pension providers. Will probably keep her/now my checking account (JTWRS) open thru the end of the year, as the last thing to close out will be the verizon phone and internet access. I have all utilities shut down, and am only still wrangling with her cable tv provider. They may need a copy of her death certificate. Have to complement her on her filing and record keeping.....everything she did she kept the original papers and the computer log ins and passwords. She promised me that she would make everything easy for me, so long as I kept my promise not to let her end up in a hospital on a ventilator. Two promises kept......

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