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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Awaiting The Storms!

It is currently 101 degrees just a few minutes past noon. The 10 day forecast shows thunder storms moving in this afternoon, and continuing every day for the next week. This is usual late July early August weather. The high for the week shows a range of 88 to 93 degrees. In a town that usually has 6 days a summer above 100 degrees, we have had about 35 in the last 45 days. It would be nice to be able to run mid day again.
Starting to think again about attempting a fall trip to Vegas and Mesquite. Would make the drive to Vegas over two days, spend a few days there mid week when prices are cheaper, then head into mesquite for a few more days. Maybe go to Kayenta to send Mary a few "miss you" pictures. Then may retrace the back way home thru Zion and the 4 corners indian reservation down into the Gila and then home. We have a cat sitter lined up, and failing that, we can board the little bastards. Anyone interested in either meeting us in Vegas, or flying into El Paso and doing the whole drive, you be welcome.

Found a zero drop cushioned shoe that I ordered and will have on monday. Will use this shoe at the gym, to walk in, and to test for short runs. I have learned to love reasonably cushioned shoes in the 3 to 6mm drop range. Those minimalist shoes just aren't substantial enough for this heavy old crippled body, but my knee and back seem to work best with the more natural, less jarring, midfoot landing. I think that the forefoot landing that I refined with the Newtons is a much better way to run, but the true minimal stuff is only for a few light gifted folks, and even for those, come talk to me after you have run 100,000 kiilometers in those......The shoes are the Altra Torin. Will let you know how they work. Also, the new Newton Energy shoe drops on July 12th and I hope to have a pair within days. They are designated as a more entry level Newton, but they have the 5 lug design vs. 4, and the lugs are less pronounced. The drop is 6mm. I am betting that the 5 lug design will allow greater landing stability and will be where Newton moves in the future. This will probably be the Newton that I try to convert Little E with.....I smell a Christmas gift......

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