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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Rain Gods Won't Cry!

Well, the forecast for the week was rain every day. I spent each day that was a run day preparing early to take advantage of the rain to run in cooler weather. So far, I was only successful once. Damn. Doing the same on this friday afternoon; waiting for my bride to come home from the shelter and the cloud cover to arrive. Had a nice 4th over at Joe and Janets eating brats, beans, and cream cheese and bacon stuffed jalapenos, and then watching fire works.
Looking at October 6th thru the 10th for a vegas stay. Awaiting for Billybob to give me the AOK. They converted the 32nd floor of one of my favorite smaller casino hotels, the Monte Carlo, to Hotel 32. A special card only resort at the top. The prices are just below $200 a night for early october, before jumping to $350-400 for the rest of the month. That price is about the same as a cheap room at the bellagio, and is right next door. The Studio room has a king and queen bed, and a third person can stay for the extra price of $28 a day which covers the fitness stuff, so if someone wants to join us, we are amenable.
After making a mere 3% on my paranoid investing this year thru late may, my bets on the interest rate climb and falling gold have already returned a total 10% in just one month. Will hold the short 20 and 10 year treasury positions until I reach my target of 3% on the ten year treasury bond rate. Have added large positions in KRE, the spider regional bank ETF. These smaller regional banks who got screwed by the free money the Government gave the large banks, are now in a position to make some damn money on loans. Will let you know how this goes and when I decide to stop shorting treasuries.....
My boy returns this weekend from his two weeks in Russia, and I can't wait to talk to him again, hear the stories, and see the pictures. I do kind of live vicariously thru him some times.....

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