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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rainy Silver City!

Just got home from a long rainy day in Silver City. Rained the whole time I was there and stayed in the mid 60's. Dry as a bone here in Deming. Had my annual physical. Almost everything is perfect. Lisinopril is keeping my blood pressure in the ranges I had in my 30's. No anemia or white blood cell issues this time. Cholesterol is around 183, and my HDL and LDL levels are perfect. Liver and kidneys are working up to par, and my only issue is the damn testosterone. The shots seem to hold me for about 8-10 days, and then I quickly become a seven year old girl again. Can't make poor Deb have to give me a shot in the ass that often, so even though it is a lot more expensive, he gave me a six month script for the underarm daily gel. Will get to see how that works. It is amazing how much I can feel it drop after ten days. Go from energetic to flat to dragging. He asked me if I still get a good erection, and I said yah, not that I actually use it that much. He said for the health of my prostate, I should get more "hands on". So I guess I need to give myself more happy endings......
Although it gets cloudy every evening, the little rain we get comes after dark. Been keeping up with my 4 runs a week in the 8-10K range. Once the weather changes toward the fall, want to try to go to 40K per week with some limited old man intensities. Will see how my back and knee likes that. I sold a few more things on ebay, including my script knee brace I used for rehab after my meniscus surgery and got $200 for that.....twice what my co pay was. So now when those new Newton Energy shoes drop in the next week, will be the first on my block to have them.
Tried calling Billybob twice today and still haven't gotten him. Want to get Vegas squared away for early october.
The picture above is my hopefully soon to be new daughter in law. Now that Terrible is ready to settle down with an age appropriate gal (are you listening little E?), I just couldn't be happier for him......

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