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Friday, June 7, 2013

Things Are Calm Once Again!

Things have calmed down considerably on the Suzi Q front, and I am even remembering to eat again! I had forgotten to do that a lot over the past few weeks with all that was going on with her, and when I stepped on the scale yesterday I was somehow down to 172 from my more fleshy 180 from two weeks ago. Will never be the 168 that I managed all those years running 50 mile weeks and racing 25 or so times a year, but 172 isn't too shabby. I finished cleaning Suzi's apartment today and it is probably cleaner than when she moved in. The cable tv and all utilities will be off soon, and I will return all the keys monday. Suzi, Ernie and I finished up her obit and Ernie will get it too The PD when the time comes. Suzi is doing pretty well. She is having difficulty swallowing her pills, so I have a call into the hospice nurse to discuss ending her 4 pills, and replacing some of it with liquid medications. Some meds can surely stop, like her blood pressure pill, since it won't be blood pressure that gets her....Hospice is lined up and ready to come in and do more when that need arises, and Niece Allison is still due in El Paso on June 18th for me to pick up. If some drastic change would occur, I would call her to cancel. Deb seems to have her sleep back, and has calmed down considerably. She was a whole lot more hyper a week ago. My medicated blood pressure is now holding steady in the 110-114/72-76 it was naturally in my 30's....amazing what that medicine, a derivative of pit viper venom, can do.
I have maintained 4 runs per week for the past 3 weeks, each 8K in length, and otherwise hit the gym when possible. I have found, over the past two years of experimenting (when I was not broken or having surgery), that my heel/toe drop sweet spot is between 4 to 6 mm. Anything lower feels awkward, and anything higher causes the heel area of the shoe to interfere with my landing pattern. So I bought these shoes today with some of my pay pal funny money (that is the money I get from selling crap on ebay including some stuff I sold of Suzi's like figurines, sunglasses, etc). I have about a two hundred dollar balance currently. A lot of retail outlets, including runners warehouse, takes pay pal as payment. These shoes get raves from everyone, including runner's world, and of the 4 colors they are available in, I got these. If I like them, may get Ernie a pair for Christmas. I have been slowly, steadily, dropping him down from 12mm to 6mm, and may even get him into a pair of newtons one day......

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