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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Desert Life!

106 degrees today, 104 yesterday. That pattern repeats wednesday and thursday, before we get a weekend cool down to 101! Now June is generally the hottest month here in Deming, as July and August NORMALLY begin monsoon season, where you get short abrupt strong afternoon showers. Now, I said normally because the last three years have been much hotter and dryer than the previous three years (our first three). When we moved here 6 years ago, the average number of days above 100 degrees over the previous century was 6. Last summer we had 21. Don't want to think about this year based on how hot it has been so far. Can you say global warming ?
I was thinking about a place to move that we could afford that would be more temperate. Got two possibilities.....Carson City Nevada and Padre Island Texas. Carson is 30 miles south of Reno at 4400 feet, same altitude as Deming. The population is 50 thousand, condo prices are reasonable, and there are no state income taxes. They do have two months of real winter, but summer usually stays in the 80's. There are hundreds of miles of trails to run on. Then there is South is 50's to 80's year round, but is humid and tropical. 27 miles of beach to run on that cover 6 small towns. Condo prices off the water are cheap, and Texas doesn't charge state taxes on pension and retirement income. Like Nevada, the state tax savings would cover a condo fee. Anyway, just thinking......
My buddy Ernie doesn't like to run when the temperature is lower than his age of 62. Of course living in Cleveland means half the year would fall out of that range. Now I think he needs to add an upper limit based on how long he thinks he is gonna live. How about 92......

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