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Friday, July 19, 2013

First Run In My New Newton Energy Shoes!

Got my 4 runs in for the week. Will hit the gym tomorrow, and then Sunday starts another week. Did a longer run last sunday, a run with three 7 minute cruise intervals on tuesday, yesterday I ran a hard hilly muddy workout in Las Cruces (had the Jetta in for it's 30 thousand mile servicing), and today, even though I was quad sore and tired (shouldn't have tried to sprint EVERY hill yesterday!), I did an easy five mile recovery run in my new Newton Energy shoes. These may be, for me, the best Newtons out there....
The 5 lug pattern is superior for my form than the 4 lug pattern of the traditional Newton. Even though I have been a forefoot runner for all of my 37 years, I have a tendency to land toward the outside of my feet. My shoes always show wear first between the ball of my foot and midfoot on the outside of the sole. With the 4 lug newtons, especially on dirt, they don't seem to land as smoothly as the 5 lug with the outside lugs running right to the edge of the shoe. Stable, smooth, and extremely comfortable. They have a 6mm drop which isn't noticeable, and they are firm enough to run faster in without being so firm as to give you a beating. I have a feeling, that for me, these may be the best model Newton has made......that is until they come up with a 5 lug gravity.....

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