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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 400th Post!

I started this blog oh so long ago just to talk about running, and to keep a handful of folks up to date with what is going on with the Quades without having to pick up their phones too many times. You can count on one hand the regular folk who read this blog.....and I lost one finger when Suzi Q passed. On occasion, when I post stuff that irritates a larger audience, I get a bigger following and an occasional bark about my opinion. The only times I have gotten more than 20 views on a post was when I blab about stocks. Hmnn....just must be a search accident. Anyway, That is a lot of blabbing.......
I am sitting (actually lying) here on the couch awaiting my new Newton Energy shoes. They appeared on the Newton website at 10:00 on monday morning, and bye 10:15, I had them ordered. Maybe I will be the first guy in New Mexico to have them!
Like the guy in the photo above, I am feeling very lucky today. Deb came back from the new doctor in Deming that treated Suzi so well, and he will help her with the Med scripts, and help her step down. That sure makes me a very happy fellow. That was a huge worry. Weather remains in the 80's with promised rain each day that rarely comes. That has allowed me to run during the day, instead of close to dark. My body is holding up to the beginning of both sprints and threshold runs, so that gives me some hope that I will be able to run for a few more years. Starting to get Vegas and Mesquite all squared away for October, and that is something damn nice to look forward to. My first vacation with my baby since we visited Ohio a few years ago. All in all, just feeling damn happy.....

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