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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Race Pace Test!

Since it was a little cooler today, as well as overcast, I got out earlier than usual. My goal was to do a bit of a test attempt to do 5 bye 5 minute intervals with 2 minute recoveries close to my hoped for pace for the 5K I anticipate running the weekend following this. I expected this to be my last really hard workout prior to racing. Not any kind of full fledged taper, but just a shortening of the long run bye a mile or so, and a shortening of both the Billat and Cruise intervals in these last 11 days. So, this was my test session to see if a goal 9 minute per mile pace would be reasonable for the race.
I had imbibed a bit too much in the way of bourbon last reason for it. Was just catching up on a bunch of recorded shows on the DVR, and enjoying those nice icy glasses of bourbon. So, I thought that may impede my attempt, but screw it, I went out for the attempt. I ended up covering the 5 intervals at an average pace of 8:53, and only the last one was a struggle. My form held up, but twice my concentration lagged in that last interval and I slowed a bit, so I ended up having to push more in that last minute and a half. So, I followed run training rule number three to a T! Do a workout that closely conforms to what you are expecting from your body in a race. So that is another check mark on the list. The last eight weeks of training has gone way beyond my expectations (that bar was set too low to limbo under after the past 18 months of hell!), so if I can come reasonably close to my goal for this race, then I will try those two races in early november, one in late november, and maybe try again to be grand master flash in early december at the 5k that is part of the las cruces half marathon. I know I won't be able to go sub 25 minutes like I did two years before, buy how about mid 26?

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