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Monday, September 2, 2013

Slept Like The Dead!

Man I slept like the dead last night. Now usually I go to sleep around midnight, and the quality of my sleep is affected by that of my Brides. If she sleeps well, doesn't snore like a train, and isn't up and down all night making crazy noise, I sleep better. On occasion, if she can't sleep much, she goes into the guest bedroom and reads and falls asleep in there. I normally wake around 9 or 9:30, and start to try and get all the body parts to start to function. The back, knees, and feet especially take a while to do what they are supposed to.
For whatever reason, today I started to wake around eleven, and just fought getting up for a while. Finally got up at around 11:45 so I could go out and water the melon plants. Have about 4 melons left fighting to ripen before the plants succumb to their usual september death. Didn't have a great melon year in quantity, as I tried three different hybrid crenshaws and cantelopes, but the quality was magnificent. Don't know what I will try next year.
Did a 9K run last thursday with 6 bye two minute intervals with two minute recoveries. Of all the Billat intervals, I still like the 30-30's the best, and feel with the short recoveries, they are the toughest. On friday I did 8K easy, did the gym on saturday, and then yesterday I did 10K with 20 minutes of continuous threshold, and today I will do another 8K easy. Then it will be alternating gym and easy 8K days with a few short sprints until I race next Sunday. Hope I can push this old sled along at 9 minute mile pace that morning. Then I will hit Barnes and Knobles for breakfast, the Tucan store to get a case of coconut water and some gourmet goodies, and then I will buy my bride some teriyaki by the college and head home. That is the plan anyway.....

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