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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Team Shirts Are Now Available!

Thought it would be funny to make a shirt modeled after my blog site......went to one of those custom shirt web stores and has this done on a cheap technical shirt. Wanted to do a nice NB tempo running shirt, but had to order 6 to get those. It was gonna be in blue with white lettering...... thursday run went very well. Ran 10K with three cruise intervals totaling 31 15 minute interval at 10K goal pace, and two 8 minute intervals at close to goal 5K pace. Form held up for all three intervals, so I feel that in one month I have succeeded in getting my body ready to try and run hard enough to try and run a sub 28 minute 5k. Will give that a shot in about three weeks. On a hot and humid saturday evening, I did another 13K easy run, but completed it two minutes faster that the previous two 13k runs. So, training rule number two now comes into play.....once you get adaption, start to make some subtle changes to keep adaption occuring. So this week I will move to step 2 of the Billat intervals and go for 10 one minute alternating intervals, and try for 4 six minute cruise intervals all at 5K goal race pace. Only problem I have had from training was a sore knee the day after the last cruise intervals, so when I did my long saturday run, I wore my compression knee sleeve, and the run went painlessly, and feels pretty normal today. So, so good, so far......
My friend billybob wants to run a half marathon. Our goal race is 14 months from now, the Day of the Dead marathon/half marathon the first weekend of november 2014. I will run the 5K there this november to check out the course and how well the race is organized. Billy is fast walking and hill walking on his treadmill, and will start the jog/walk interval process in two weeks. I have researched this, and with one lung, he will be slow, but his natural ability (he was an 800 meter phenom in high school) and some hard steady work, he should be able to develop the endurance and running economy to complete this. If he does, I am gonna make him a shirt with a locomotive cartoon picture and "the one lung locomotive" on it!! He has a big heart and one big lung, so it will really be all about his will!

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