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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mother Nature Shat On My Plans!

Today was scheduled for another billat day, but I was planning to move up to alternating minute repeats. I got out around 5 because it had been overcast and in the low 80's most of the afternoon. Weather forecast called for cloudy but dry. I got about five minutes into my warmup when thunder and lightening began to move in from the north. Bye ten minutes in, the steady rains began, Bye fifteen minutes in, right before I was planning to begin the heart of the workout, the wind picked up to about thirty miles an hour, and hail, and then lunatic rain began. I had to get on the roads because my normal dirt track was suddenly very slippery....something my knee really doesn't need. So I stayed on the bike trail for the next fifteen minutes until armageddon finally concluded and the sun came back out. I didn't want to do the intervals on the road, so I instead did a 22 minute threshold run at what I estimate is around my 5 mile race pace. Felt good and finished with a cooldown for a nice 10K effort. So, weather willing, I will do the billat intervals thursday, and then the long run on sunday. Knee was fine today, so we will see if it stiffens in the morning. One of the things I am learning about running at this advanced age with a knee missing about 40% of its meniscus, is that my form must always remain perfect. If it goes and I get sloppy, I need to stop. That is an immutable rule....

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