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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zombie Run!

Boy, had nothing in the tank today. Was a nice slow start, that evolved into a slog, and finally just a zombie run. Covered the full 13 kilometers, but about two minutes slower than the last two times. Weather was acceptable, overcast and low 80's, but just struggled the whole way.
Thursdays run was much better....covered 10K including 21 minutes of alternating one minute intervals. Didn't feel much different than the 30-30 intervals, but noticed that it took me a good 5 minutes after the one minute intervals to recover and get back to regular easy pace.
So I will train the same for one more week, then taper just a bit bye shortening the long run, doing a standard 16 minute billat interval workout, and a final 4 bye 5 minute cruise interval workout, and then try a 5k race to establish my current fitness, and to set better pace targets for workouts to prepare for another 5K and a 10K during the first two weekends of November......

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