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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 4th Billat 30-30!

It has been my experience, in all 37 years of running, weather young or old, fast or slow, my body first starts to show adaption to a repeatable workout about 21 days later, or about the 4th time I repeat it in a weekly schedule. Today was my 4th Billat 30-30 workout, 21 days since I tried the first one. The first two were damn hard, the third almost killed me, but todays was finally better. I did 18 repetitions for a total of 19 minutes, and the last few, although hard, did not leave me feeling like Veronique was trying to suffocate me! You still get the sensation that the sprints feel like longer than their 30 seconds, and the 30 second recoveries seem to last about ten seconds. So, that went well, last thursdays 5 bye 5 minutes went well with each repeat going faster, and my form holding up into the last few minutes of my last rep, and my saturday long run finally hit my 13K max target. So, if this all holds up, I might just do that 5K over labor day weekend in las cruces.......So you see, I made Veronique smile this time!

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