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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Veronique Billat Tried To Kill Me Today!

I hate it when I make training mistakes. Today I made a large one. I have been running most days at around 7:15 pm when the sun is going down and things have generally cooled a bit. On a few occasions, I have gotten lucky and it has drizzled or been overcast, and then I got to sneak out earlier in the day. Today I was ansty to get out and do my third weekly Billat 16 30-30 repetitions. 17 minutes of hard quality training damn near killed me today.
It seemed cooler earlier in the day when I was out watering the melons, so I decided to go out at around 3 to run. As soon as I got out, I knew it was warmer, but I failed to check out my weather station before I left. I felt sluggish during my 3K warmup, and tried to keep things very easy. When I started my first 30, I thought "this seems harder", and bye the 2nd, I already felt the 30 second recovery was not enough. Oh, I knew I had to make some adjustments. First I slowed a bit on the sprints. Didn't help much. Then I slowed on the recoveries. Again, didn't help much. At the half way point, I started to shave seconds down to 28, and then 27. Misery just increased. During the last three reps, I actually had to walk a few steps of the recovery. Thought Veronique was trying to kill me. Then, after the previous two of these workouts, I struggled for about two minutes before I was able to return again to a comfortable 3K cooldown. I just couldn't run slow enough to recover. So that 3K become a zombie march. So, I will probably be flat for a few days. Probably gonna dig into my recovery more that I would like. So bye wanting to get out early, I did a workout that was not really a workout, but a step back in my training progress. This is not how you build.....oh, it was 93 degrees when I got back with 33% humidity. You can see from Veronique's expression that she is not happy with me!!!

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