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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Fall Ohio Day!

Holy Ghost, When Do You Come Out To Play
If The Lord Is Gonna Find Me, He Better Start Looking Today
An all day rain is a very very unusual weather event here in Deming New Mexico. We have one today. It has been dark and dreary all day, with storm fronts moving in every hour or so. The canale gutters have been working overtime. The picture above is from one of my neighbors to the north west of my back deck. Good news is that it will finally clean all the dirt and sand off of the roof.
I am laying on the couch with an ice pack of peas on my back. At the gym yesterday, was doing the usual routine and my back started to spasm. I knew after the race on sunday, that my back was not happy. It rebelled yesterday. So, don't know how long it will hurt, but as happens routinely at this stage of my life, I will have some down time. The risk of being punished for my efforts just seems to be a constant factor in what little is left in the chassis.
Pictures were posted to facebook today from the race, and here is my final death sprint at the end of the race. I really felt like puking.
Here is the oldest asshole in the race with his medal. Why he would be happy, I am just not sure......

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