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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Return To A More Normal Week!

Well, it is a more normal running week after lots of miles and hills the previous two weeks. Ran 12K on sunday, 8K tuesday with twenty minutes of Billat one on-one off, repeat minute intervals. Today I did 9K with 4 bye 5 minutes with two minute recovery intervals. Will run easy saturday, and do a10K cutdown run sunday where I try to run each successive mile a tad faster than the previous, hoping to get below expected 10K race pace bye the last. Then next week I will drink taper somewhat before I do a couple of races. I have a 5K scheduled for sunday nov 3rd as part of the day of the dead marathon, and then the following saturday the 9th, a 10K trail race. If that all goes well, I will try to train really well for three weeks, and then taper into the las cruces half marathon in december, where I hope to run the 5K again for the first time since I did my Grand Master Flash impersonation two years before. It sure has been a particularly difficult 22 months of physical disability since that race. We shall see if I can get within two minutes of that remarkable time from back then.
Came home from vacation to some horrible stucco cracks at my roofline, and upon inspection, my entire top roofline is cracking badly. Had the builder and plasterer out, and am awaiting a price for repair. The plasterer bold face lied to me assured me that this will be at cost. It is clearly a building defect, and since there are so damn many houses here all with stucco problems, I am toying with two thoughts.....first try to sell in the spring, and failing that, get 10-20 of my neighbors to go in on a class action suit. The problem with that is it will take 5 or more years to settle, and selling would be crazy hard with that going on. Will have to see. Anyway, weather is dandy, but I probably only have a few weeks left of running shirtless.......
Here is a picture of my Bride and Tony's lovely wife Lexy from our welcome home party in Mesquite. Was a wonderful thing those folks did for us......

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