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Monday, October 28, 2013

Wheel Of Misfortune!

Was at the gym today talking to one of my aged running buddies, and we got on to discussing the geezer "wheel of misfortune". This discussion came about because his knee was soft braced and he was limping. He, like me and all my aged friends, seems to be fighting chronic problems. My running body feels pretty good this week, and since it is taper time for two weekends of racing, I feel fortunate that my soreness is in my neck, which doesn't bother me much when running. The geezer wheel of misfortune works like this. You wake up everyday, and as you get out of bed, you spin the wheel to see what is going to hurt you today. Will it be feet, ankle, shoulder, knee, back, neck, etc etc. Will you land on a bonus spin and get two body parts irritating you for the price of one.....Again, my hope is that the sled will stay together until at least age 65 (three years away now!) which is the age that research tells me is about all a man can expect from his physical life.
In the last year, the stucco at the roofline on casa xntrix has busted and cracked. Having the roofline repaired and about half of the house re-stuccod. Gonna end up costing me about 4 grand after only 6 years in this house. About half of the homes built here from 2004 on have stucco nightmares. Builder and plasterer are both LLC's and going under, so there is noone to realistically sue. A few of my friends have spent almost 7 grand in repairs. So, Deb and I are going to try and sell in the spring and see if we can escape this mess. If we can, will probably take a short move to Las Cruces and rent. We may choose to then look at other places to live, but probably would only consider renting in the future, especially with those expected crazy medical cost increases that will be hitting us in three short years. Obamacare, using the Bob Dole privatization model, is costing folks a lot more than anticipated, and unless, as a country, we move to a publicly financed model like the rest of the industrialized world, it will probably just keep getting worse.......

Well, this appears to be my boy's halloween costume......disco buffalo? Not sure but it looks funny!

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TerribleTerry said...

stucco has you stuck yo?