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Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunday's Day Of The Dead Marathon Approaches!

Today will be an easy 8K run, followed bye a trip to the gym to do upper body weights only on saturday. Sunday I will run the 5K at the Day of the Dead Marathon. I plan to follow this up with a 10K trail race the following saturday the 9th. If I don't hurt myself and have fun, I will then train hard for three weeks and taper into the 5K at the Las Cruces half marathon in early december. Two years ago I was able to run that 5K sub 25 minutes. Won't probably get close to that, but if I complete that, I will have run 5 races in the 2nd half of 2013. Then, if I can stay healthy, will try and find a few more fun and unusual races in 2014. Turning 100K old in a few weeks allows me to establish my own new age group!!
The basic repairs are done on the stucco, and after lots and lots of haggling, got the plasterer to agree to restucco the whole house. Awaiting the shipment of the buckets of my rio bravo color. I will end up having it redone at 2/3rds of the cost many of my neighbors are paying to have all their cracks caulked and their house painted.......a very bad idea for two reasons: 1) it doesn't last more that about three years and then starts to peel off 2) once you paint, you can't restucco unless you sand blast your whole house to remove the paint. Many of my neighbors are old and unfortunately stupid gullible, and don't take advice very well.
Bought my first Nike shoe in about ten years. Was looking for a low drop, light, shoe for non technical trail running and racing, and came across this new shoe called the wildhorse. It is really a trail version of the Nike free. Have run in it twice so far and like it very much. Will use it in the 10K trail race on the 9th.
Otherwise, Deb and I have been cleaning, painting, fixing, caulking, and doing as much stuff as we can to prepare to try to sell in the spring of 2014. The market may suck, and/or the next recession may start, so we may not be successful, but our house sure will look nicer both inside and out.......

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