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Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Recovery!

After my two easy sore days and a day off, I got back too it on wednesday with a 9K run with 6 bye 2 minutes at 3K race pace with 1 1/2 minute recoveries. Went smoothly, and want to get to 6 bye 3 minutes with 2 minute recoveries over the next two weeks in preparation for the las cruces half marathon 5k race on december 8th. Thursday I hit the gym, and today, in a cold wind, I went out to complete 3 bye 9 minutes at 8K race pace with three minute recoveries. First two went swell, third was a bit of a struggle, and as my form started to falter, I cut it off at 6 minutes. The pace came in almost exactly at the pace I was hoping for. There is a very big 5 mile race in february in las cruces that I have never run, that I want to do in early 2014. This weekend I will try to get in a long aerobic run with a cutdown of pace at the end, and a short recovery run. I seem to be recovering well, and think I should be able to get in two good hard weeks, and then taper into another shot at being the grand master flash!
Terrible, per your suggestion, I bought this foam roller with a hard plastic core called the trigger point performance revolutionary foam roller for 35 bucks from amazon. Came today and will use it a few times and tell you if it helps......

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