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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ugly 2 Weekend Runs!

I was due to run a long run this weekend, but being a pussy smart enough to not want to press my sore knees too much, and mindful of the weather forecast, I chose to do two easy 8K runs on each day. Saturday was 38 degrees with freezing rain, high winds, and a wind chill of 29. This is a selfie of me getting ready to head out. I had to dig out all my old foul weather gear that I generally only use once or twice a year. The run was pretty slow and miserable.
Sunday I awoke to this. When I got out to run, it was 33 degrees, with little wind, and it actually felt a bit better than the day before. The snow was a pretty even 3" coat, with some drifts on my trails. All in all, wasn't as horrid as the day before.
Tomorrow is a gym day, and then in the evening, Joe and I will be going to NMSU to see a basketball game. Hopefully I will then be able to get my long run in on tuesday. This storm is heading to the east and will visit all my friends in ohio for thanksgiving....

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