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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Run!

It turned into a nice weather day today.....low 60's and sunny with little wind. I never got my long run in this week due to the weather and other assorted diversions, but tuesday I got in 10K with a 15 minute LT interval, a two minute recovery, and a faster 10 minute LT interval. Wednesday was an easy 8K, thursday was way too much food and wine, and today I did 10K with 4 bye 5 minutes at around 8K race pace. Was a tough one today, as all that food and wine hung me over a bit. I won't get a planned long run in before my race a week from Sunday, so I will have to start to get some in in december and january as I prepare for that 8K bigtime chip race with 500 folks or so on february 3rd. That will be my first 2014 goal race.
This cartoon sums up where we are probably headed. Once you break the damn, everything will be open thanksgiving, and we will start black monday the week before, and then soon it will be cyber halloween, etc etc. Once everyone is working on thanksgiving, who will end up being left to shop......what a completely crass commercial corporatocracy we have become. Deb and I each exchange one gift, and I get a few gifts for the grand kids and a few friends, but I do it all online. Why would any sane person want to go get stabbed or runover after camping out in the cold in their car the night before.....insane. Now it is time for a nice turkey and dressing sandwich from the leftovers June sent home with me from yesterday....

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TerribleTerry said...

I'm going to buy a nice expensive tent, sleeping bag, boots, and that next year I can camp out and, launch a full assault on the sales, and save $10 on my gifts. I think it's a genius idea.