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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Mormon Assault Vehicle!

This post is for little "E"! 2nd only behind his concern for my bride's well being, is what kind of rental car do I have. Well it is a 7 passenger all wheel drive crossover mormon assault vehicle! Officially it is called a Dodge Journey Flex fuel vehicle. Filled it up today....based on the fact that I put $40 of gas in it when it was showing one quarter full, a full tank would run you about $53. You can correct my math E man. Fuel economy is rated 16/23, although I can watch the gas gauge go down while I drive it. It is not highly stylish.......
It has a little IPAD like display a long way from the steering column that controls all the temperature crap and the satellite radio. Problem is that you have to take your eyes off the road and lean to the right to work it. So, I have had to either set stuff before I move the vehicle, or pull over to do stuff. Crazy. Cruise control is on the steering wheel which is fine. All the lights and washer crap is on the left turn signal stick, but it is not intuitive, and includes the washer and wipers for the rear of the bus. The brakes and gas pedal are super twitchy. Feel like I am driving an 18 wheeler. Anyway, can't wait to get the TDI back in the garage......

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