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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Waiting On The Wrecker!

Sitting here waiting for a call from the towing company to see when they can pick up the car. Gotta find out if they can transport me as well as the car to the Enterprise car rental center on valley view, just a few doors down from where they are gonna fix the car. If not, will have to get Joe to take me in. What another pain in the ass. Anyway, raining and very cold here. Hope it stops before I try to get a run in this afternoon. Progressive called at 8:30, and were top notch as always. Never will switch to any other insurance company. My bride was up talking to the insurance adjuster, and is now back to sleep. Pretty damn sore. Told the adjuster that my biggest concern is the frame. The car was driven sideways about 5 feet. Of all the cars I have ever owned, this is my favorite. Hate to see it hurt.....

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