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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Goathead Soup!

Got a christmas day 8K run in today. Was 52 degrees, but at least sunny and with little wind. Did a few loops on my dirt track and then figured the golf course would be deserted, so I did a loop in there. Hit a patch of goatheads, and when I got back on the asphalt, it was like running in track spikes. Came home and took deb's eyebrow tweezers and pulled them all out.
Have the stew back in the slow cooker. Will make a roux with flour and butter and some liquid from the slow cooker to thicken it up. Have some 5 cheese texas toast to go with it. Chris is sick with a cold he picked up a few days ago. I suspect AD, Deb, and I will get to share in it before too long. Weirdly, I have been bug healthy for over a year. Course, all my biomechanical stuff over the past two years has made up for that. Tonight we will open up our gifts.....I know what Deb got me, but I think I have surprised her....we shall see. Merry Christmas to everyone I love, and lets all hope for a healthy and prosperous new year....the year of the snake!

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