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Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Legacy Course!

Yesterday I headed into Las Cruces to pick up the car and get a run in. Dropped off the rental, and the enterprise folks dropped me off at ABC paint and repair to get the TDI. Drove over to Geothermal road to park at the golf course driving range to run part way up the mountain. Car drove well with no problems and looks completely normal. 1st problem I uncovered came when I went to lock the car. Either with the key or the fob, the passenger side doors won't lock. I will try and get deb into the car next week on the passenger side to see if it all works o.k. before I take it back in just to get that one problem fixed.
The run was very tough. It was sunny, but cold and windy, and running hard in the sand as well as halfway up the trail to the observatory is pretty rough. Since it is rolling hills and then the big climb, I try and press each and every hill hard as a form of speed work. Was pretty beat up bye the time I finished 8K and got back to the unlocked car. As I ran this I envisioned my cross country course with the loose sand pushed aside and a nice pressed surface of pecan wood chips. Will find out about that in the new year.
Stopped off at papa murphys to get a take and bake gourmet vegetarian pizza and a papas deluxe. We cooked the vegetarian last night, and tonight will do the deluxe. The vegetarian was dandy, and am looking forward to some meat tonight!
Planning my first simple meal with the smoker for new years eve. Going to do two 3lb. chuck beef roasts and pineapple bacon chili beans. Gotta start with some easy stuff to see how it works before I try and get crazy. Wish me luck....

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