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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Smoked Tofu?

The day after my bride gives me a nice electric smoker for Christmas, she tells me she wants to become a vegetarian in 2014...smoked tofu anyone? Aaarrgghhhhhhh! Anyway, I bought her a vegetarian slow cooker cook book the other day when I was at Barnes and Knobles, so I guess I will look up recipes online for smoking vegetables.....
Yesterday I prepared corn bread, spicy barbeque sauce, and spicy pineapple bacon baked beans. I made large batches of all of that. Today I fired up the smoker for it's inaugural run and took two two pound beef chuck roasts, coated them with yellow mustard and a sweet and spicy rub, and gave it a go. After they hit the right temperature, I covered them with two layers of heavy tin foil, and put them in the oven at 170 degrees to tenderize. I then took half of everything over to Joe's as a new years dinner gift for all he does for me.
I then went out for the last run of the year. I covered 9K, completing 4 bye 6 minute intervals with 3 minute recoveries at around 10K pace. Felt o.k., other that feeling a bit like a horse at 180 holiday fed pounds. Got to work on that for the new year.
When I got home, Deb had already eaten and liked everything, but thought it was a bit hot, especially the barbeque sauce. I added even more hot sauce to my barbeque sauce and chowed down. Loved it all. This smoker stuff is gonna be fun....Little "E", this would have been right up your alley......

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