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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The O'Beast Goes Long!

After a day and a half of dick the stick work and foam rolling, I loosened up enough to try a long run today. It was cold, but sunny without a great deal of wind. I checked my garmin every three minutes or so to slow myself down so that the run would remain comfortable. I also wore an older pair of shoes that have an 8mm drop....the highest I own now. Everything went well. Finished the 13K in slightly less than an hour and a half without much muss or fuss. No lingering soreness, and the run felt fairly easy.
Got all the christmas shopping done, and will put the gifts going to ohio in the mail tomorrow. Ernie, yours is going to Olgas. Tomorrow I will again hit the gym, and then on thursday and sunday I will try some restarting of the long and short speed work, and do a short recovery run on saturday. Next race I am hoping to run will be a 5 miler on superbowl sunday...that gives me about eight weeks to start to make a dent in the 180lb sled......

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