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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dick The Stick Is My Best Friend!

Man are my calves freakin sore today! I wore those Altra zero drop clown shoes yesterday, and even though I have done a number of runs in them, I have never tried to do speedwork or race in them before!! Me and dick the stick spent yesterday afternoon watching football and rolling up and down my calves and hamstrings. Using that today also, as well as that foam roller Terrible suggested I try. Did the gym this morning, did a bit of walmart shopping, and now will work this afternoon on some stretching and rolling.
The race yesterday was screwy as hell. There were 35 people in the 5K, and 85 in the half. Chris ran the half as a bandit for a threshold run. He ran with the leader, and then left him coming into the stadium and came over to check on us. We lined up on the track a few minutes after the half folks left, and took off around the track and out the back exit of the facility. We then followed an out and back course that I had run a few weeks earlier. Before the turn, AD was on her way back running with the two male leaders. At the turn, I was able to see the two other geezers that were about a quarter mile behind me. They were friends, and one was visiting from alabama. I had my watch set as usual on kilometer running pace on top, and total kilometers run on bottom. My pace was 5:30 at that point, so I knew that if I held it, I would finish right around an even 27 minutes. As I got to the stadium parking lot, my watch already showed 5K completed......we were gonna go long! As I got around behind the facility and turned on to the track, I passed the eventual 50-59 year age group winner, and figured out that the chute was around the other side of the track, so we were gonna go extra long. I finished 8th overall and first of the geezers. When I saw the clock, it registered 38 minutes.....I knew that was completely wrong. My watch showed a final pace of 5:24 per kilometer, and a total distance of 5.8 kilometers. So we went way long. Everyone I talked to figured that out also, and the clock time was actually from the start of the half, so the clock time was meaningless. AD ended up winning the race outright, but the first male who finished about 20 seconds behind her had a garmin also, and said his pace showed 7:12, so AD must have clocked a pace of around 7:07 per mile. The weather was cold as all hell, but at least clear and sunny. After our award ceremony, we headed to IHOP where Deb and I treated Chris and AD to breakfast. Sure was nice having my bride there again two years after I ran this same race.....

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