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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gonna Go With My Clown Shoes!

I am currently laying on the couch with a stocking cap on and the southwestern binkie draped over me that Mary gave us a few years ago. I went to the gym this morning and froze my old testosterone shriveled testicles poor old body both getting in and out of the gym and while I was there. Kept my stocking cap on while lifting. Don't those folks have a damn furnace? Anyway, I am waiting for the Auburn Missouri game to start. This afternoon Ohio state plays Michigan state, while at the same time Florida State plays Duke. Will be using that remote button a lot that jumps back and forth between two channels. Now, I think Florida state is unbeatable, so even though I want Ohio State to win, I think they would get crushed bye Florida State in the national championship game.
Tomorrows race starts at 8:15, with the half marathon starting at 8. Chris and AD are coming. AD will run the 5K with me, while Chris bandits the half marathon just to do a long tempo day. Frank sent a picture of his christmas race bib, which I forwarded to Chris, and he was damn jealous. Anyway, the weather here doesn't look like it will be too much better than Cleveland. Normally I would wear lightweight trainers to race in, but since it will be so damn cold and possibly snowy, I will be wearing my Altra provision 1.5 zero drop clown shoes. I have worn these shoes to do a semi long run, and a few easy runs, but not anything faster. They have reasonable cushioning which I think I will need on the roads in the damn cold. They are narrow in the heel and midfoot, and then splay wide at the toes.....thus the clown shoe look. I have transitioned down to 4-6 mm drop shoes, and want to try mixing in some zero drop next year. Anyhow, the really wide toe box feels dandy on my cranky hammer toes and metatarsal nerve damaged feet. After the race, gonna visit IHOP and get me some damn pancakes. Gotta keep this 180 lb. lard assed sled finely tuned racing machine fueled! That is another thing I have to work on next year......getting down around 170 or so bye summer. Anyway, the game has started and I need to shovel in some leftover chinese walnut shrimp from yesterday and a super hot cup of coffee....

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