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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Geezer Recovery 101!

As I begin my 39th year of running, I can clearly see the window of opportunity to run closing fairly quickly. If I stay smart, I may get to complete 40 years, but I think walking is coming soon of course at the pace I am running now, there won't be too much difference. I completed 40 Kilometers this week, and that is my goal for a weekly total for the rest of the year. I think that that is about my current orthopaedic limit for knees, feet, and spine. I only want to modify what I am doing bye making the long run a progression run bye speeding up the last 15 minutes, and on the threshold run, pushing it out from 22 minutes to 30. And finally, Turn the shorter cruise intervals into actual 2 minute intervals at 5K race pace. That is about all that I can really do.
I noticed using the new heart rate monitor on my garmin that my heart rate for the 2 threshold sessions was 87% of max heart rate, which is perfect, and my long run moved from around 70-75% throughout the run. Now the recovery run, even though slow and dragged, following the day after a good threshold workout, ended up with an average heart rate of 80% of max. Now this tells me one of two things.....either I need to slow and shorten that day, or I have gotten to a place where I really should be running every other day. I don't want to do that, because I like the routine of running tuesday, thursday, friday, and sunday, and doing weight work monday, wednesday, and saturday. I thrive on routine and bourbon. So I will tinker a bit with the recovery day. The other thing I noticed, is that I can build intensity for around three or four weeks, and then I need a full recovery week. So, since I have had 4 good hard weeks since getting back from the flu and a few weeks of back shit, I decided to run that Spartyka wounded warrior 5K on sunday the 13th. It will serve to give me a time I can take to the McMillan running calculator to set up good paces to train at from April thru May to prepare for that July 3rd evening race.
Tomorrow after the gym, I am going to smoke two pork tenderloins, and smoke 4 potatoes. On the bakers, I am gonna smoke them, cut them in half, spoon out the middle, and make twice baked potatoes with jalapenos, bacon, and cheddar cheese. As always, I will take pictures!

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