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Friday, April 11, 2014

Summer In Early April!

I had a sense that summer was gonna come early to Deming. The windy season was short, and in mid march the damn deer flies were already out trying to carry me away. This week was slated for an easy week after 4 weeks of building. Good thing, because it was high 80's to 90 all week. My heart rate was around ten beats higher for the runs each day, even though my pace was just a tad slower than usual. I am clearly not acclimated yet to these temperatures. Usually takes me a good three weeks to start to acclimate, and bye then, it may be even hotter! NWS says that it is going to be a very hot dry summer here again in the bootheel of New Mexico. We have had 7 tenths of an inch of precip in the past 5 months and two weeks. Now usually, we reach our hottest days of the year in June. Last summer, we were over 100 for 20 of those 30 days. July usually begins to give us some rain, and bye labor day, we have usually had what we are gonna get. The other thing that comes with these hot dry temperatures is fires. We have had three years of horrible fire seasons in Arizona and New Mexico, and there is always the risk that the giant Gila National Forest, 3.3 million acres, will have a fire that cannot be contained. Many people don't realize the New Mexico is 12% forest.
I will be racing at the Spartyka Wounder Warrior event on sunday to get Joe that T-shirt I promised him. Don't expect to run well.....while I am starting to get into shape, I am not really in racing shape until I have had a month or so of solid speed work. So far, I have the endurance and stamina, but not the speed......

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