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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lumbering Down The Trail!

Got up at 4:45 Sunday to get showered and dressed and to head to Las Cruces for the Spartyka wounded warrior 5K. I had vacillated a few times about doing it, but I had promised Joe the shirt last super bowl sunday, so I broke down and went. It was a nice sunny day, but windy. The race was an out and back mixture of grass (Goatheads!), gravel, and asphalt. It just went slightly uphill into the wind, turned and reversed. I was really lumbering heading out, and at the 1 1/4 mile mark, the leader was coming back past me like a rocket. Now his finishing time was 17:55, a time I had run about 10 times or so in my thirties.....but it sure seemed way fast now.....My pace going out was just a slow slog, and I did my best to pick it up coming back, but I am just damn heavy, slow, and not in shape to do much with it. I finished with a pace of just under 9 minute miles. I really do need to lose at least 5 lbs over the next couple months and get back into interval speed work. I may race another fun run in early may, but the race I am interested in doing well at is the evening of July 3rd. The other thing that was funny, was that after I got off the grass and gravel and hit the asphalt, it sounded like I was running in spikes.....there were hundreds of goatheads in my soles. While I waited for the awards, I used my fingers and keys to try and pull them all out. Had to take them off to drive home, and finish the job with Deb's old eyebrow tweezers at home. I ended up being the 2nd oldest in the race to a guy I see often from El Paso who was in the 70-dead catagory, so we were both gold medalists. I would have also placed 3rd in the 50-59 age group. Anyway, I just hate continuing to get slower and slower and slower as we move along here.
I did a bit of grocery shopping and stopped at starbucks to get coffee to consume and to take home, and headed back to deming. When I got home, deb had left a note that mike and judy had called and were overnighting in deming on their way to dallas. I called them and told them that deb was having a bad fibro period, but that I would meet them at the campground at 5, and that we would chat a bit and then go to the new Ihop for dinner. Since it was a sunday, and all of Deming seems to be catholic and closed, that and a bad Denny's were our only options. They are doing well and look great. The both enjoyed their meals, and we got caught up as best we could on everybody....that includes you, Mary and little "E". We went back to their trailer and chatted until sundown, when we all looked pretty tired and decided to hit the hay. They left early this morning for Dallas, and then on to somewhere to get more problems in their trailer fixed. This trailer has been jinxed from the start.
Today was supposed to be a visit to Silver city to take deb to her new pain management/fibro doctor, but due to wind, they called and rescheduled for thursday. Deb is really struggling, and I want to get her to Las Cruces to see my PT doc mark, so I will discuss that with this doctor on thursday. We need to get her back in gear, or I doubt she will be heading to Ohio this summer.....

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TerribleTerry said...

Good job on the race. If a doctors office cancels appointments due to wind....It must have been really something. Also, you should try to invent something useful to do with all those goatheads you collect. You'd be RICH!!