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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Windy Season's Last Gasp!

After a pretty good running week last week following a poor race, this week I have felt like crap. All four runs were struggles. It was hot and windy all week, and today it has culminated in 45 MPH steady winds with 65 MPH gusts. Tomorrow is only supposed to be slightly better, but usually in the earlier morning (my race is at 8 A.M.) it is less violent. At race time tomorrow, the temp is supposed to be 51 degrees, with winds around 18 MPH, moving back into the 30 MPH wind range in the afternoon. So we shall see. Don't feel too upbeat about this race....... Monday we head to las cruces to get deb started on PT. After the gym today, I stopped at Walmart and Kmart and bought a bunch of women's yoga type below the knee pants in large and XL, and some athletic tops. Danskin, Champion, and something non-descript. I figure when she wakes up today (she didn't sleep last night) she can try them all on, and then next week I can take half of it all back. She is scared of PT, as she has had a few bad experiences with that and massages. She also had a bad reaction to a new medicine after 5 days, and I called the new doc and he told me to stop it. We go back to see him again on the 8th of may. This, for whatever reason, has been a particularly bad period for deb so far this year. Gotta find a way to get her feeling better. We shall see.....

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