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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Looking For The Next Best Thing!

Don Quixote had his windmills
Ponce De Leon took his cruise
Took Sinbad seven voyages
To see that it was all a ruse

That's why I'm looking for the next best thing
Looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best but I'm settling for less
So I'm looking for the next best thing

Miss you Warren....
Woke to a surprisingly cold high wind day. Took light gloves with me to the race. The race was small and pretty disorganized. The course ended up being about a quarter of a kilometer short. My motivation was decidedly flaccid. I decided to do a much longer than usual warm up for about a half hour, figuring I would take the race as a tempo run, and then add a few kilometers to the end to get in around 10K for the day. I ended up warming up with a fellow my age who lives in Las Cruces, but works in Deming at the hospital. Like me, he is a lifelong runner. We gabbed about the usual old geezer running stuff, and he has had about as many surgeries as me, including his last being a meniscus tear surgery two years ago while he was living in Texas. We compared life time PR's and assorted race career stuff, and it turned out we were pretty similarly matched. The race went with the crazy wind uphill for a mile, to the side of the wind for close to another, and then against the damn wind but going downhill coming back. We were together from a mile on, and I just stayed at his side until the end when I let him hit the chute first. Didn't realize the age group was 50+, so we ended up 2nd and 3rd. Just didn't care. This was about as disinterested as I have been in a race in many years. Unusual for me. No matter what, I can usually get it up for a race. I am just too distracted with my bride's health. Maybe after I get her started with PT tomorrow, and take another stab at getting her meds right on our visit to her new doc May 8th, I can get refocused and start decent training again. I really would like to lose at least 5 lbs and get in two months of solid training for that darned July 3rd evening race........

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