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Friday, May 2, 2014

Tumblin' Tumbleweed!

Ran more miles than usual this week. Had Deb in for two PT sessions in Las Cruces, and did some running there as well. Going to run another race in Las Cruces on Sunday. My bud Chris and lots of his Cross country boys are running, so I agreed to run it also. He will be coming into Deming on Saturday morning, staying over at June's, and I will pick him up sunday to take him with me. Did the opposite of a taper this time.....ran more miles this week than any all year. Ran today, and will take tomorrow as a gym day.
Today was a short 45 minute recovery day. For the first time in about ten days, the wind was below 20 MPH. Had a weird tumbleweed attack today. I was on my dirt trail around the Luna County storage facility (little "e" knows exactly where this is). Anyway, I was coming around a corner when a tire sized tumbleweed flew in front of me, went straight up in the air, and came down on my back. It got picked up bye some sort of dirt devil. These bad boys are full of thorns, and cut you up like a chain saw. Dam that hurt! Other than that, was a nice easy shorter run in preparation of the Sunday race at Centennial high school. I have scoured the race schedule, and there is nothing else I could find in Las Cruces until my race in July.
Deb has had two sessions of PT and is making quick progress. For the weeks of fighting with her to get her there, now she is talking about getting more sessions after the twelve for her lower back to work on her upper back. This bride of mine is a pip.....

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TerribleTerry said...

I think your tumbleweed tussle was just the government practicing with their new experimental attack drones. The project is code named "Jumpin' Tumbleweeds".