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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Evidence Based Thinking!

Ran easy monday and tuesday, although tuesday didn't feel very easy in the 101 degree heat. Have one more scheduled PT for Deb on friday, and it is scheduled to rain, so I sure as hell hope so. Have no business running in the heat of the day until late september. Working like a maniac on my knee.....doing all the stretching, strengthening, cross friction massage, and icing. It is about 50% better, but I still have a ways to go. You actually get symptom free a few weeks before you FULLY heal, so I will keep going easy. No need to ramp up any training until august in anticipation of a few fall races. Since three months seems to be my maximal healthy quotient, there is no rush.
There was a poll taken the other day that I read on huffington post regarding man's impact on climate. Almost 40% ignore any scientific discussion and believe 1)only God can effect climate 2)that current climate changes are just normal cyclical events 3)the science is still not definitive. They accept science when they watch tv, use the googly tubes, drive and fly, use their cell phones, and throw a ball into the air, but somehow, 98% of climate scientists are wrong. Now I don't have grand children, but I do believe that the risk that the planet will be virtually uninhabitable in 35 years is substantial, yet all these folks just want to bury their heads in the sand. The artic ice shelves are breaking off. Kansas and Texas have had three year droughts and causing grain and cattle prices to begin to escalate rapidly, and I see farmers and ranchers standing in churches praying for rain.
But the good news is that those fun folks in Kentucky are tax supporting the "ark encounter" that will display a lifesize (did God give them the dimensions?) ark that will include thomas dolby would say, "she blinded me with science!"

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TerribleTerry said...

I think the time scale i've heard is financial trouble within 10 years. Climate hardships culminating to collapse of the economy in 30 years. Mass climate migrations during the first 100 years. Oceanic life mass extinction followed by land mass exctinctions. Leading to a much smaller remaining human population established around 300 years from now.