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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How To Cheat The Aging Process......Die!

I saw a running article with the headline "How to cheat the aging process".........After reading it, it was another article about increasing running intensity and doing all kinds of plyometrics which I would just break apart doing. Anyway, after three months of healthy running, I started to break this week. My lateral right knee began to ache. I was worried that it was another meniscus tear on the other leg, but I find that after a few minutes warm up, it goes away until a run is completed, and then it roars back when I cool down. So it appears that I either have an iliotibial band irritation, or some sort of tendon or ligament irritation. I received a call on wednesday telling me that my saturday race was being cancelled due to lack of participation, so I will spend the next few weeks trying to get over this. I only have one race I wanted to run this summer, on July 3rd, but if this goes on for more than a week, I will skip it and have three months or so to work my way back. I was talking to little "e" yesterday, and he is having some issues too, and it reminded me that in the past 30 months, I have only been running healthy for about 10. Probably will be the way it works from here out. I will take it easy, because next april starts running year 40, and that is a milestone that I really want to hit, and not in some injured half assed way... Lots of things are blooming here, and the first of my three butterfly bushes is starting to develop a nice purple bloom......

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