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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hissin' And Rattlin'!

Went out around 6:30 tonight for my long run due to the heat. Was still 91 degrees when I started and 84 when I finished an hour and a half or so later. I did a few laps of my dirt track, and then headed up past the soccer fields onto the golf course, and then did a skaters reverse. When I hit my track near the end around sundown, I passed a spot where I have seen many snake tracks in the sand, but never seen the snake. Tonight as I went past, I heard the telltale hissing followed by the mighty rattle. As soon as I heard the hissing, I went to the far opposite side of my track which is about a car lane wide. Felt safe, but got about 50 yards of adrenaline giddy-up in my step from that! When I go home, Deb asked if I saw it......I said "of course not, I wasn't about to stop and look for it"......jeeze.....
Anyway, will do a short run tomorrow, as I will be running another three days in a row as PT next week is monday and thursday. I expect I will have covered 90K over the last two weeks that included 10 running days. This Deb PT has added a day of running a week so far to avoid skipping two days in a row. Gonna get harder from here on out, because usually when the 90 degree days start, I run in the evening, but for two days a week for the next three weeks, I will be at the NMSU track.....

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