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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Longer Intervals.....Longer hills!

Weather was conducive to a good workout today, and I had one! Dropped Deb off for PT, then headed to the college for a workout. Warmed up on the soccer fields, then hit the track for 20 minutes of alternating 200's. Those went very well, and after a short recovery, did 5 longer hill repeats (approx. 4 minutes each to complete), and then cooled down for a total of 10K. Felt like I was Mo Farah Moe Howard!
Attempting to add hill work as much as possible at the college, as my race a week from saturday is at picacho hills country club. I was only there one time a long time ago with little "e" when we were looking at houses, and I remember it as much more that "hills". Anyway, weather is supposed to remain in the low 70's thru thursday, so I will run tomorrow here in Deming, and then again at NMSU on thursday when Deb is again PT'ing. From friday on, it looks like summer will have arrived, and all our temps will be 90 or higher.


TerribleTerry said...

Sounds like you two are getting into some good shape!! You two doubling up on the scooter to head down there or taking the VW?

Terrible Dad said...

Deb has never been on the scooter....doesn't even like it when I am just scooting around town. May even try to sell it this summer to make her happy, and get a beater bike to ride to the gym....pop